Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Extasy!

To ensure that you have the best experience using our platform, we have created this document, which represents the legal agreement between you, as a user, and Extasy.

Your use of the Extasy Application constitutes your unconditional and full acceptance of this document. That's why we invite you to read Extasy carefully before browsing it, and we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about its content and effects.

1. What is Extasy?

1.1. The legal entity. Extasy is an application and a marketplace platform owned by the company EXTASY APP S.R.L., a limited liability company operating in accordance with the laws of Romania, registered at the Commercial Registry of the Cluj Court under no. J12/2656/2012, unique European identifier (EUID) ROONRC.J12/2656/2012, CUI 30737170, bank account IBAN RO98BTRLRONCRT0500436801, opened at Banca Transilvania with registered office in Cluj-Napoca, Strada G-ral Eremia Grigorescu, No. 122 A, Cluj County, Romania.

2. What does it mean?

2.1. Meaning of some terms. Because we want this document to be as easy as possible for you to go through and understand, we will explain below the meaning of some terms that you will frequently encounter in the content of the document:

Extasy Application - refers to the e-commerce (online) platform and/or software application owned and developed by Extasy through which it facilitates Your access to the purchase of Extasy Experiences sold by Extasy Partners;

Chat - communication method available in the Extasy Application that ensures communication between You, the Partner and Us;

Customer – can be any legal person or natural person who is over 14 years old, or any legal entity that creates a User Account in the Extasy Application and places an Order;

Coin - value coupon with multiple purposes, as it is accepted and defined by art. 274 ind. 1 of the Fiscal Code, with the help of which Experiences can be purchased;

Order - the request to purchase an Experience sent by You to the Partner through the Extasy Application and completed by paying the Price of the Experience;

Account – the section dedicated to you in the Extasy Application, consisting of an e-mail address and a password, as well as your activities in the Application (Orders, tax invoices, special conditions of participation, etc.).

Contract – refers to the document concluded between the Partner and You, as a result of the offer addressed by the Partner to You, through the Extasy Application, by means of remote communication.

Content - any elements published in the Extasy Application including, but not limited to: logo, images, photos, video, names, descriptions and information regarding Experiences, statistical data, texts, multimedia content, stylized representations, Reviews, communicated information in Chat, emails sent by Extasy, etc.

Experience - service provided by a Partner and purchased by You through Extasy;

Extasy Experiences - for example, activities that are part of categories such as: extreme fun / adrenaline activities, rally car experiences, extreme circuits, piloting, paragliding, flying an airplane, horse riding, go-karting, shooting range, rafting on the river, water experiences, dining, photography, relaxation, music (recording studios), sports, tourism, luxury experiences, parties, mountain tours, spa and massage, beauty, culture, traditional experiences;

Unauthorized interventions - refer by way of example to actions initiated by You through which viruses, malicious codes, actions to modify, copy or delete information from the Content of the Extasy Application are introduced;'

Booking Program - function of the Extasy Application, available in Your Account, which allows scheduling, updating and tracking the status of Experiences in real time.;

Experience Price - represents the value set by the Partner in exchange for the purchase of Experiences sold through the Extasy Application and collected by Us pursuant to the Terms and Conditions; the price includes VAT and any other applicable taxes or fees and represents the total amount that You will pay in exchange for the selected Experience;

Review/Review – the written evaluation published by You based on Your subjective assessment of how the Experience was carried out in relation to Your expectations according to the descriptions found in the Extasy Application;

Rating – way of expressing the degree of satisfaction of a Customer;

Favorites – section of Your Account that allows you to create lists of Experiences that you want to follow in order to make a later decision about their purchase;

Partner- refers to the Experience providerthem, responsible for holding all and any operating authorizations necessary to carry out its business, as well as all intellectual property rights in the promotional material made available to Extasy or used in the creation of its account for the presentation of the service offered.

Extasy or Us (and derivative words) - refers to the entity that founded and owns all intellectual property rights in respect of the Extasy Platform and Application, identified above in 1.1. and their Content.

You (and derivative words) - refers to You, the Customer of the Extasy Application;

Terms and Conditions - refers to this document, together with its annexes;

Experience Validity Period - refers to the period of time during which You can benefit from the service purchased from our Partner, and which is established by the Partner and brought to your attention prior to the purchase of the Experience.

3. How can you use the Application?

3.1. Reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions. We recommend that before using the Extasy App and placing any Order, you carefully read the Terms and Conditions to avoid potential unpleasant experiences.

3.2. Purpose of use. You may access and use the Extasy App to view Content and select Experiences provided by Experience Partners, with whom you will be able to connect after the time of purchase.

3.3. Unauthorized interventions. Rules of conduct.

3.3.1. Please do not post or send texts or comments that contain inappropriate language, serious typos or that could harm the image and/or create a state of discomfort for Nou, Partners or other Customers.

3.3.2. Also, please refrain from any Unauthorized Interventions on the Extasy Application or the computer equipment owned by Us and used in the operation of the platform. Any such unauthorized intervention may attract your criminal and civil liability under the terms of the legislation in force.

3.3.3. You will not use the Extasy Application for spamming activities in any way, including election campaigns, collection of personal data or any such data made available by the Application.

3.3.4. Extasy prohibits and sanctions the creation of multiple accounts in order to participate in and benefit from Extasy's promotions or offers during promotional campaigns or at any other time, if as a result of such fraudulent behavior the running of the Campaign is or may be affected (i.e. the purchase of a large number of Experiences with the purpose of accumulating the benefits of the Campaign, later cancelled).

3.3.5. Regarding Experiences purchased through the Application:

If you register for the purchased Experience and do not show up at the scheduled date and time, you will lose the opportunity to benefit from the Experience, as it cannot be rescheduled. Also, the money will not be refunded.

If you have benefited from the purchased Experience, but did not like it, the money will not be returned.

If you have scheduled an Experience, but after the appointment our Partner cancels the Experience for reasons attributable to him, you will have the opportunity to receive your money back or benefit from another Experience that is at the same Price.

If an Experience is worth a certain amount of money due to the fact that it is offered as a package and requires the participation of a certain number of people, you will only be able to benefit from that Experience Price if you purchase the minimum number of Experiences required by the package or if you join a group of the Partner that offers that Experience, to the extent that the Partner will constitute a group. If you have purchased the Experience at the reduced price, specific to a package, but you have not purchased the number of Experiences required by the package or the Partner is not a group, we will notify you of this and give you the opportunity to supplement the amount paid for Experience up to the level requested by the Partner for the situation where the Experience is offered to a single person. If you do not want to supplement the amount, then you will have the opportunity to choose another Experience offered at an identical Price, but the money will not be returned! You assume responsibility in this situation for the loss of money in the event that you do not wish to pay the specific Experience Price for the participation of a single person or you do not wish to benefit from another Experience listed in the Application at an identical price.

If you behave in a way that is harmful to Extasy (e.g. making unjustified complaints, leaving offensive reviews, etc.), Extasy will be able to apply one of the sanctions mentioned in art. 8.4., depending on the situation and our unilateral analysis.

3.3.6. The Extasy app is available anytime rui Customer interested in purchasing the published Experiences. However, in the situation where your conduct is or may be harmful to us, we reserve the right to take punitive measures within the meaning of the provisions of art. 8.4.

3.4. Interruptions. We assure you that we will take all measures to limit and eliminate such unpleasant events as soon as possible. However, we cannot guarantee continuous and uninterrupted use of the Extasy App, as errors or malfunctions may occur that make it temporarily unavailable.

3.5. Modification of Terms and Conditions. We recommend that you periodically and always check the content of the Terms and Conditions before placing an Order, as we may change them at a certain period of time without notifying you in advance.

4. Your Account and Orders.

4.1. Creating a Customer account.

4.1.1. The account gives you the possibility to purchase and save your Favorite Experiences, publish Reviews, save one or more locations, keep track, status and history of Orders placed in the Extasy App and Keep you up to date with all the news from the world of lovers of Extasy Experiences. To create your Customer account in the Extasy Application you will complete the following steps:

Step 1. Download the App from the App Store or Google Play.

Step 2. You open the Application, read the Terms and Conditions, and if you agree with their content, you accept them. The use of the Application is conditional on expressing Your express agreement in this regard by ticking the appropriate box.

Step 3. Choose the country code and enter your phone number.

3.1. Enter a 6-digit password.

3.2. Re-enter the password from point 3.1.

3.3. Enter the 6-digit code received via SMS.

3.4. Enter your real name. Please pay attention to this, the name you enter will be mentioned on the tickets purchased to participate in the Desired Experience.

3.5. Enter your date of birth.

Step 4. Choose at least 3 Types of Experiences.

Step 5. You can change your password at any time. To do this, you must first enter and confirm your email address in the Edit Profile section.

4.1.2. Your options.

Communication of news and promotions. With Your consent, expressed when creating the Account (with the possibility of being updated/deactivated at any time during the use of the Extasy Application), you will receive notifications from Us regarding Extasy news and promotions customized to Your preferences.

Notifications. You have the option to allow the Application to notify you when: you make a payment, an Experience you want becomes available, you receive messages from Vendors, you receive gift tickets, when your friends purchase tickets to Experiences you want too or when we reward you with Coins for Your actions in the Application.

Enabling Your geolocation and access to Your contact list. If you allow this, the Extasy App will automatically select the closest Experiences for You, and you will be able to see which of your friends have already purchased them, as well as their preferences. At the same time, you will be able to receive or give Experiences as a gift, access the Experiences from your Favorites list, or benefit from earning bonus Coins resulting from activities related to the Experiences purchased by your friends.

4.2. Command. You can purchase an Experience for Yourself or to be given as a gift, if you have given access to your Contacts list, from Your existing Account or created at the time of placing the Order. You will be able to find the desired Experience according to:

- keywords
- the category to which an Experience belongs,
- the location searched
- the price limit
- type of currency (Coins or Lei)

  4.2.1. Please note that:

The images presented in the contents of the Application, as well as the description of the Experiences, are for informational purposes and may change over time, in any way, due to changes in the characteristics. We are not responsible for any differences in images between the Experience presented in the Application and that offered by the Partner.

The prices contained in the Application may change without any prior notice. However, We assure you that the Prices are and remain valid for Experiences already purchased and for Orders made before the date of their change.

Pricing may be determined depending on whether the Experience is offered as a package, requires a certain number of people to participate, or is offered individually. The price set for the Experiences offered as a package is only valid to the extent that you purchase the number of Experiences specific to the package!

All offers are valid while stocks last and may be withdrawn or changed without prior notice by the Partner.

We do not assume responsibility for any delays, a cancellations or cancellations of the Experience or for any restrictive measures imposed by the Partner or by state institutions. You will be able to contact the Partner directly to cover any claims.

The availability of the equipment necessary to participate in a certain Experience, or the limit regarding the maximum number of people who can participate in an Experience at the same time are exclusively controlled by the Partner. You will be able to anticipate such situations by checking the special conditions of participation in a certain Experience made available to you either in the description of the Experience or communicated to you via Chat.

Certain types of Experiences have a validity period imposed by the Partner, which is why it is mandatory to schedule and participate in the Experience within the indicated period, otherwise you will lose the opportunity to benefit from it and your money will not be returned!

4.3. Purchase of Experiences. To place an Order in the Extasy App you will complete the following steps:

Step 1. Access the Experience page and select the offer you wish to purchase. Certain Experiences may have multiple offer/ticket categories.

Step 2. Select the Buy now option if you want to purchase the Experience selected in Step 1 The Experience selected in Step 1 for You or the Send gift option if you want to purchase it for a friend. If you want to purchase the Experience for yourself and your friends, press the + button to select the number of Experiences you want.

Step 3. If you select the Send Gift option, you choose from your contact list the people to whom you want to give the Experience, and when you have completed the process, press the Send button.

Step 4. Press the Confirm and Pay button and you will be redirected to the payment processor.

Step 5. You have the option to purchase the selected Experiences either by paying in Lei, or by using Coins, or by a combination of the two. After expressing your choice, press the Continue button.

Step 6. The Extasy App offers you the possibility to purchase certain Experiences or categories of Experiences by paying the Price in installments. Where this facility is available, you will be able to opt for full payment by accessing the Whole Price button or for installment payment by accessing Payment Plan. Please note that in order to pay the Experience Price in installments you need a credit card.

Step 7. Choose the card you want to pay with and swipe up to confirm the payment or press the Pay now button. If you have not entered any card or if you want to pay with a new card, click Add a new card to add it.

Step 8. Congratulations! You have just purchased an Experience. Click the View Experiences button to navigate to Your Account.

4.4. Communication of your invoice. Once the purchase is complete, you have the invoice request button. You can request the invoice within 30 calendar days.The partner will be able to communicate to you in electronic format the tax invoice issued, related to the price of the purchased Experience. You will be able to access the download, view or archive for Your records, the invoice in Your Account or on Your email address used when registering the account in the Extasy Application. In this regard, you express your agreement expressly by accepting the Terms and Conditions.

4.5. Booking an Experience.

4.5.1. Direct Communication with the Partner. If the Experience you have purchased is part of the category of Experiences for which you need an appointment, after placing the Order, following the steps above, you will be able to use the Chat to connect directly with the Partner. Extasy does not intervene in the interaction between you regarding the provision of the Experiences. Please note that this direct interaction with the Partner is not available when the purchased Experience is offered by the Partner on a fixed date.

4.5.2. The chat. You will use the Chat for: direct communication with the Partner in order to schedule and reserve the purchased Experience, to check the history of Your conversations, available in Your Account, as well as to check the status of Your order.

4.5.3. Your Booking. After you have agreed with the Partner the details of Your participation related to the date and time, the reservation will be operated in the Booking Program by the Partner. You will receive a notification to this effect. Please pay attention to this step and accept the reservation to complete its confirmation. You will be able to track the status of your reservation on the Chat page and on the Tickets page. You will not be able to cancel the reservation without losing the money paid for the Experience.

4.5.4. Expiration Date of Experience. Failure to participate in the purchased Experience on time. If our Partner has established a Term of validity of the Experience, You have the obligation to schedule and benefit from it only during the term. Exceeding the given deadline in order to participate in the Experience, incurs the forfeiture of the right to benefit from it. Extasy reserves the right to notify you approximately two months prior to the expiration date of the Experience, through Your Account, to remind you that you have the option to schedule and benefit from the purchased Experience, otherwise losing this right. If you do not participate in the purchased Experience within the deadline set by the Partner, you will not have the right to request a refund of the amount paid or exchange the Experience for another. At the same time, you will not have the right to request the change of the amounts paid with Coins or any other benefit made available to its Customers by Extasy.

4.6. Methods of payment of the Experience Price.

Extasy Experiences will be able to be purchased by paying the Price online by bank card, using Coins or a combination of the two methods as described in Step 5 above. However, please check the purchase conditions of each selected Experience.

4.6.1. Online payment by bank card. The price of the Experience will be paid online in advance, at the time of placing the Order, using a bank card through the secure PayU platform, in complete safety. To complete the transaction, you will enter the data requested by the payment processor necessary to authorize the transaction. Extasy does not have access to or store Your card identification data.

4.6.2. Payment processor. The secure platform PayU SA is a company established in Poland, and operating in accordance with national legislation, registered in the Register of Enterprises held by the Court of Poznań-Nowe Miasto I Wilda w Poznaniu, under registration number 0000274399, with its registered office located at 186 Grunwaldzka, 60- 166 Poznan, Poland. Extasy provides the service of recording and storing the Customer's payment card data through the payment processor integrated in the Application, an entity authorized to provide card identification data storage services.

4.6.3. Payment in installments by shopping card. For certain categories of Experiences, We give you the opportunity to purchase the desired Experience by paying the Price in equal installments without interest. After you enter the card number on the payment processor page, the system will automatically detect if it is a card eligible for payment in installments, at one of the banks approved by Extasy, and will display a list from which you can select the number of installments you want. However, you will only be able to schedule Your participation in the desired Experience after paying the Experience Price in full.

If you do not pay any of the installments related to the Price, the Experience will not be considered to have been purchased, and We together with our Partners reserve the right to withhold all amounts collected until the date of non-payment.

In this situation, Your Experience will be canceled by Us and You will no longer be able to participate. Amounts previously paid cannot be recovered, remaining in our Partner's account.

4.6.4. Payment using Coins. You will have the opportunity to purchase the desired Experience by paying its Price, in whole or in part using Coins. You will be able to express your option by selecting the currency in Step 5 described above.

4.6.5. Promotional campaigns and special conditions for paying the Price of Experiences in installments.

For certain categories of Experiences, you will have the opportunity to pay their Price in monthly installments. Please check if the Experience you wish to purchase falls into such a category before expressing your choice of payment method for it or if there are active Promotional Campaigns carried out by Extasy together with its Partners that you can enjoy during that period.

If you choose to purchase Desired Experiences in installments, please consider the following:

Not all Experiences can be purchased in installments;

You will be able to purchase a limited number of Experiences;

You will be responsible for authorizing the direct debit of the Experience Price from your bank account by our payment processor on the terms and in the assumed amount;

As an exception to 4.6.3., if YOUR Experience can take place before You pay the entire Price, You remain obligated to pay the remaining unpaid installments;

You will be notified 3 days before the due date of your monthly installment so that you can make sure that the said amount is available in your account;

To benefit from this facility you will fill in a form with your identity data;

We reserve the right to take action against You, through the competent courts for the recovery of the amounts owed;

You will not be able to participate in future events organized by Extasy Partners;

If you do not pay any of the installments, Your Order will not be processed consider it complete and you will not be able to gain Experience. In this situation, the previously paid money will not be recovered. If you have benefited from the Experience before it has been paid in full, we reserve the right to recover the amounts due in any other way and in any other form, including by addressing the competent courts.

4.7. Guarantees. Conditions for cancellation, rescheduling of Experiences. Each Partner has the freedom to grant guarantees and to accept the cancellation or rescheduling of Experiences under the conditions it deems appropriate, in compliance with applicable legislation. To check if the Experience you want to purchase already benefits from guarantees or can be canceled/rescheduled, we invite you to go through the description of each individual Experience before purchasing and/or contact the Partner directly for details or additional clarifications. If the Partner does not accept the rescheduling/cancellation of the Experience or its nature/type does not allow cancellation/rescheduling, then you assume the responsibility for the loss of the money paid for the Experience if you do not participate on the set date and time.

4.8.1. Unforeseen situations. Please keep in mind that:

- there may be a waiting time required for an Experience to run, especially for those dependent on weather conditions, but not only;

- there is also the possibility of canceling the Experience at any time, due to such conditions, technical problems, the state of health of the accompanying staff or other such causes that do not depend on the will of the Partner.

If the Experience is canceled or postponed by the Partner, you have the possibility to reschedule it according to the agreement with him.

If the Experience, once booked and scheduled, is canceled by You, after the postponement period granted by the Partner, or if you do not show up, the Experience is considered completed, and the Price of the Experience will be transferred to the Partner. You will not be able to request and will not be entitled to a refund of the Experience Price.

4.9. Your safety. The Partners are the only ones able to guarantee all the Experiences they publish and, where applicable, that they are carried out by qualified personnel. Extasy assumes no responsibility and makes no guarantees regarding the experience, expertise, qualification, authorization of the Partners' personnel or any other guarantees related to the provision of the Experiences or the personnel involved in their conduct.

4.10. The right to withdraw from the contract. For certain types of Experiences you will not have the right to withdraw from the sales contract. You have the opportunity to consult the relevant legal provisions, respectively art. 16 para. 1 lit. a and letter l of GEO no. 34/2014, through which the provisions of art. 16 (1) of Directive no. 2011/83/EU of 25.10.2011 on consumer rights.

4.10.1. Category of Experience for which you will not be able to request a refund of the Experience Price. For example, if you purchased a concert, festival, theater or similar Experience, the Partner has the right to withhold the Price of the Experience, respectively the value of the Experience (i.e. the ticket) in the event of your changing your mind, this type of Experience being a service exempted by law from the application of the right of withdrawal.

5. Registration of Reviews (Reviews)

5.1. Your opinion. After completing the Experience you will receive a notification from Us to leave your personal impressions related to the Extasy Experience. Impressions can be positive, negative or neutral. You are and will remain the exclusive owner of the intellectual property rights to all content created and published by You (Your Review).

5.2. Our Right to Use Your Reviews. By publishing a review you expressly consent to the unpaid use of your Reviews by Us. Extasy will be able to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute and display this content in order to evaluate the degree of satisfaction of the Clients regarding the way of providing the services of the Partners.

5.3. The limits of our right. Your reviews may be communicated publicly, directly or indirectly, by any means, including making them available to the public, so that they can be accessed in any place and at any time chosen, individually, by the public. Our right of use is non-exclusive, unlimited in time, applicable anywhere in the world. However, Extasy will NOT use Your Reviews outside of the purpose described above or for marketing them.

5.4. Moderation of Reviews. Your Review will be moderated by Us and subsequently displayed next to the Extasy Experience it refers to e, if they follow the rules stated below. The review will be assigned to the name associated with the Extasy Account.

5.5. Retention period for Reviews. The review will be retained in the Application until Your consent is withdrawn or until Your Account is deactivated. If you choose to withdraw your consent and request the deletion of the Review, please send us a request in this regard to the email address support@extasy.com accompanied by a screenshot of it from the Application, the description of the category and type of Experience purchased , as well as the date of communication of the Review

5.6. Rules for publishing Reviews. Please consider and comply with the following instructions:

- you will only refer to the way the Experience is carried out in relation to your expectations according to the descriptions found in the Extasy Application;

- you will ensure the correct transmission of the Review in the Application, by following the steps indicated by Us;

- you will present real and correct information, and you will respect the rights of other Customers or Partners, such as copyright, registered trademark, license or other intellectual property rights, publicity or privacy;

- you will use this facility only to communicate information about a specific Experience in which you personally participated;

- you will not provide or request other Customers or Partners, in any way and to any extent, personal data (contact details, information about home addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) or any other information that may determine the disclosure of this personal data;

- you will not write Reviews that contain advertising materials;

5.7. Notifications. Customers or Partners who believe that a particular Review infringes their intellectual property rights, publicity rights, data protection rights or other rights may send Us a notification using the email address: support@extasy.com with the description rights that they believe have been violated, to allow Extasy to act in accordance with the legal provisions.

5.8. Remedies. After examining the referral, Extasy reserves the right to decide to keep or delete the Review without being obliged to justify its decision in any way to any party.

5.9. Sanctions. Extasy has the right to sanction Your conduct, according to art. 8.4. in the situation where it finds that the Reviews violate the Terms and Conditions.

6. What obligations do you have regarding intellectual property rights?

6.1. Notion. Intellectual property rights are all rights attached to a work or work that give their holder the prerogative to use, exploit and dispose of that work or work as they see fit. Proprietary and non-patrimonial copyrights are included in the notion of intellectual property rights.

6.2. Our Intellectual Property Rights. We own all intellectual property rights regarding the Extasy platform, concept and image, the Content we create and publish on this platform, and the Content we create for Partners.

6.3. Your Responsibility Regarding Intellectual Property Rights. It is your duty to respect the intellectual property rights on the elements described in art. 6.2. and the Content. Violation of these rights is sanctioned both by Us, by deleting Your account, and by the applicable civil and criminal laws regarding intellectual property.

7. What are the situations, limitations and conditions of engagement of liability?

7.1. Provision of Experiences. Extasy is not responsible for any aspect related to the Orders, the Experiences and the responsibilities of the Partners, such as the manner of presentation and conduct, the technical specifications and description of the Experiences, the implementation of health and safety policies and the manner in which they have been respected, policy of prices, discounts, performance period, compliance with Orders, performance conditions, etc. Please make sure that you have requested clarification (where applicable) and that you have read, understood and accepted all the instructions and conditions of the Partner, before purchasing the Experience, respectively before scheduling or confirming participation in the desired Experience.

At the same time, please present yourself in order to provide the Experience within the deadline imposed by the Partner, if he has set a deadline.

7.2. Damage to equipment. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that you can access the Extasy App securely. However, we cannot guarantee the safety of links made through the Extasy platform to websites or software that do not belong to Us, and we are exempt from any liability for damages caused by such technological solutions the respective lutions on the equipment used by You or viruses that could infect Your computer or other equipment as a result of accessing and using them or for You downloading any content that was not made by Us. This disclaimer applies to any damage or injury caused by any non-performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to your equipment.

7.3. Engagement of Your Liability. Your liability may be engaged for any violation of the Terms and Conditions, according to the specific provisions contained therein or according to the legislation in force. You are also solely responsible for the veracity of the data you provide in the Extasy App.

7.4. Our Liability. Extasy will be liable to the extent of the Experience Price paid by You under the Terms and Conditions where Extasy's liability is incurred.

8. What are the situations, limitations and conditions of engagement of liability?

8.1. Violations. We will consider you to have violated the Terms and Conditions when we find that you have performed acts contrary to their provisions that harm or may harm members of the Extasy community (Us, other Partners or Customers). We will be able to take the measures provided for in 8.4. including in the situation where we find that any of the situations mentioned in art. 3.3.5.

8.2. Notification of infringement. Any member of the Extasy community has the opportunity to notify Us in writing, by e-mail, of a situation that may represent a violation of the Terms and Conditions by You. The notification can also be made ex officio when We directly ascertain the possibility of the violation.

8.3. The right of reply. We will communicate the notification in writing, in the form we receive or in the form prepared by Us when we notify ourselves ex officio, with the obligation to provide Us, also in writing, with the necessary clarifications and clarifications within 10 calendar days. However, we reserve the right to suspend your account and your activity until the complaint is resolved

8.4. Measures and remedies. If, after analyzing your notification and clarifications, we consider that there is a violation of the Terms and Conditions, we may apply one of the following measures (depending on the severity of the violation):

Suspension of access to the Extasy application for a period of 6 months;

Deleting your membership account and banning access to the Extasy application, with the consequence of losing all bonuses, rights and amounts existing in the account;

8.5. Application of measures. Whatever concrete action we take in relation to the violation of the Terms and Conditions, we will provide you with the reasons for taking that action in writing. We will apply the measure before You exercise your right of reply provided for in 13.3. when:

- the law obliges us to immediately apply one of these measures;
- you are in the second violation of the same nature of the Terms and Conditions, in which case we will provisionally apply one of the measures provided for in 13.3. LIT b. or c. until the final settlement of the complaint;

9. What is the jurisdiction and applicable law?

9.1. Applicable law. The content and consequences generated by the Terms and Conditions will be governed by the applicable Romanian legislation.

9.2. Jurisdiction. Any conflicting situation regarding the interpretation or application of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions that cannot be resolved amicably will be resolved by the competent courts in Cluj-Napoca.

10. Final clauses?

10.1. Notifications. For any concerns, questions, complaints or notifications regarding the application or interpretation of the Terms and Conditions, we encourage you to contact us by email using the following address: support@extasy.com

10.2. Complaints. With regard to the conduct of the Experiences and your relationships with Partners, you have the opportunity to complain about any reported irregularities by accessing the Report a problem button directly in your Application/Account.

10.3. Major force. It is possible that, due to a force majeure event, the Extasy Application may not function or function in other parameters than normal. We assure you that we will take all reasonable steps to avoid or limit as much as possible losses due to such interruptions. However, in the event that you suffer damage after We take action, We are not responsible for covering it.